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If you are renting a room

Explore Quality London Rentals at Competitive Prices! Discover the ideal rental in London with ease, thanks to our convenient virtual tours. We offer updated videos and VR walk-throughs for a wide selection of quality properties across the city, from East to West, North to South. Our commitment to picking only the finest properties ensures you find a place that meets your high standards. Additionally, we charge lower fees to landlords, resulting in more competitive rents that benefit you as a tenant. Rest assured, we conduct comprehensive reference and credit checks for all tenants, offering you a worry-free experience in rooms in shared accomodation in london

If you are renting an entire apartment

Discover Top-Quality Properties at Affordable Prices Embark on a hassle-free journey to find your perfect home with our selection of premium properties in London. We pride ourselves on offering properties of exceptional quality, ensuring you get the best living experience. Our competitive edge lies in our lower fees, directly translating into significant savings for you, the tenant. Simplify your property search with our cutting-edge video and VR walk-throughs, designed to make your search for the right place quick, easy, and stress-free. Choose from a diverse range of 1, 2, 3, and 4+ bedroom apartments, each meticulously selected to meet your needs. Entire apartment listing.

How I can I rent a room or property?

To secure a rental room or property, a holding deposit is required. This is typically processed online using a webform and card payment. Once reference checks are successfully completed, the remaining deposit and rent must be paid through a bank transfer. See complete terms and conditions.

Are the bills included?

When renting a room in shared accommodation, it's common for bills to be included, but there's usually a fair usage policy for gas, electricity and water. However, it's important to note that some rooms might not include bills. Therefore, always make sure to confirm this detail before making an offer. When renting an entire apartment by yourself, bills are generally not included.

Do you do reference and credit check?

Even if you are only rent a room, it's essential for us to conduct a thorough credit check and verify your affordability before proceeding. We prioritize not exceeding your budget and will recommend rooms that align with your financial capacity. Additionally, a positive credit score and references from previous landlords are required. Ensuring the accuracy of all documents is crucial for the safety and security of both the current occupants and the landlords.

What do I need to rent a room or an entire apartment?

It is necessary for you to earn a minimum of twice the yearly rent if bills are included, or 2.5 times the yearly rent if bills are not included. The documents required from you include your last three payslips, an employer reference, a reference from your previous landlord, and proof of ID and right to rent. If you are using a guarantor, their income should be at least three times the annual rent.

What if I am new in the country and I cannot provide the necessary documents?

If you are new to the UK and don't have a UK guarantor, we will require an employment contract. Before making an offer, it's crucial to confirm that the landlord is agreeable to this arrangement. Please be aware that flexibility varies from one landlord to another and may differ for each room.

How do you guarantee that all the rooms and apartments meet the standards as advertised in the listing?

Most tenants take good care of their rooms and property, so instances of damage are quite rare. We conduct check-in and check-out reports, comparing photos to assess any damages. If there are any, the tenant is responsible for the repair costs, which we ensure are completed promptly. There might be occasions, especially if you move in on the same day a previous tenant moves out, where minor repairs are needed. Rest assured, we will address these repairs as quickly as possible.

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